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Collection Development

A strategic decision was taken in 2019 to introduce ‘Resource List Driven Acquisitions’ (RLDA). This resulted in the Library purchasing directly from resource lists, driving collection development. Subsequently the University Resource List policy was then agreed by Academic Board which establishes key objectives and principles to support the delivery of quality consistent resource lists.

Effective access to Library Learning Resources through Resource Lists will be a significant contributory factor to the successful delivery of the BALM and a high-quality student experience.

Books are directly purchased from resource lists based on criteria from the Library. This is why it's essential the importance level is set for resource lists. Guidance is available to help ensure best practice which will ensure books are purchased for students. The collection growth isn’t limited to our resource lists only however. Other mechanisms include: 

  • A dedicated fund for research purposes to be spent via our Research Liaison Team. 
  • A dedicated fund for additional programme need to be spent via our Academic Librarian Team. 
  • Student driven purchases such as:
    • Multi-reservations – where the Library will purchase extra copies of a print book if it is seeing high demand (reservations)
    • Books For You – where students can suggest purchases for the Library
    • Inter Library Loans – where costs allow, now purchasing the book and adding to our collection.

Please discuss any requirements with your Academic Librarian in the first instance.