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Return to Practice: Welcome!

This guide is designed to introduce students on the Return to Practice programmes to search skills and resources, as well as to equip them for delivering a flipped classroom presentation to their librarian


Please read the information in the middle box of the Welcome page first!

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Welcome - READ ME!

This LibGuide (Library Guide) is designed to provide you with the necessary information to enable you to reply 'YES' to all of the questions on the Research Information Skills questionnaire linked at the top of the box. In the headers of the various boxes you will see, for example, Q10 - this will indicate which question the information within that box will answer.

Before going through the guide complete the questionnaire and make a note of the score you've got. When you've run through the guide, completing every section you feel able to, do the questionnaire again and see how your score has improved and whether there is anything that you need a more in-depth look at or have questions on.

By the time we meet for the second time--whatever date that might be--you will be expected to have run through the Library Guide--practising the examples for finding an e-book and using the E-Journals Finder --to ensure that you are familiar with some of the resources available and how you might use them and to have worked on the group search and presentation.

Don't worry if you've had problems with any of the exercises; make a note of the issues and contact the Library / your academic librarian to go through them.

The academic librarian for Health & Social Care is Jill Boland, and she is available to:

  • offer advice on searching for journal articles by topic
  • help with searching for government guidance and legislation
  • citing and referencing
  • evaluating online resources
  • search planning (and more!)

You can contact Jill via the email address or phone number on the right-hand side of the screen. 

 If you're not sure who to direct your question to then contact the general Library enquiry service and they will work out who's best placed to respond to you and will pass your query on to them.

Phone them on: 01332 59 1215

Email them at:

There are exercises to complete under the tabs for:

  • Finding E-books;
  • Library Plus;
  • E-Journals Finder;
  • and Advanced Searching.


You will need to have completed the Advanced Searching section and the exercises in order to present back to the group at the follow-up session with your librarian.


There is a generic subject guide for Nursing which is available here and you can also access it from the Library home page - under Finding Subject Information. From the list of Guides, select Health & Social Care then click on the  Nursing & Healthcare Practice guide from the drop-down list.

The subject guide will give you information on finding print material in the libraries, electronic resources and more. You will need to have logged into UDo and then clicked on the Library link in UDo before you can access some of the resources (e-books, E-Journals Finder list, databases) as they are password protected. If you have just enrolled it will take about 2 working days for your access to be fully activated. you may also be asked to log in again when you click on one of the databases - this is normal.


Remember!! Do the questionnaire before you start to work through the guide to assess where you are now. And then do it again before the May group session to see where you've improved or where you may need to focus a bit more attention.

academic librarian for Health & Social Care

Jill Boland (Health, Psychology & Social Care)'s picture
Jill Boland (Health, Psychology & Social Care)
Academic Librarian – Health and Social Care
**Directly supporting: Nursing & Professional Practice; Psychology, Counselling & Psychotherapy**
Centre for Student Life
University of Derby
Library (Room L103)
Kedleston Road
DE22 1GB

To help you in your studies there are Workshops and Library Clinics that you can attend.
You will need to register for these events and, for the clinics, you will need to come prepared with a question or topic that you're having difficulty with.
Click on the Bookings tab in the banner at the top of the page to see what's available.