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General and Key Subject Resources for Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Ergonomics, Counselling & Psychotherapy

Who's my Academic Librarian?

Your Academic Librarian


Jill Boland (Health, Psychology, & Social Care) [They / Them]


Are you having trouble using a database? Need to improve your academic writing skills, notetaking, referencing, and so on? Register for one of our many workshops covering these topics!


Have you got a specific, detailed question (that can't be answered by our workshops or the instructional videos and guides we've created?)  Email me! (I will aim to reply within three (3) working days depending on personal leave and University holidays.)


Or, you can book an appointment with me. But! You will need to have used the material on the Develop@Derby Guides, the Subject Guide for your discipline, and / or the Library Resources Help Guide first. If you book an appointment without looking at or using any of the existing, pre-created materials, your appointment will be cancelled and you'll be redirected to use those resources.