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Research Data Management

Writing your DMP

If you are applying for research funding, then there may be a specific template from the funder which you need to use. More information about these templates will be available on the funder webpages and colleagues in URKEO will also be able to advise. If a template is not available or if you want to write a  DMP for an internal project, there is a DMP template available on the intranet which covers the following standard topics:

  • Data description
  • Data collection
  • Security of data
  • Storage and preservation of the dataset
  • Sharing the dataset
  • Copyright and IPR

The template highlights some questions that you may want to consider and respond to in your DMP. 

Some text will be similar from DMP to DMP so colleagues in DS&S, CIGA, the Library and URKEO have provided some sample statements for you to use which should be used in conjunction with the DMP template which highlights other areas for consideration.