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Elevating your Online Profile as a Researcher

This guide is designed to highlight the various tools and services which you can use to be more visible as a researcher in the online environment.


RAiD is a unique, persistent, international identifier for research projects. It acts as a container for the activities carried out throughout a research project, collecting identifiers for the people (ORCiDs), publications, instruments and institutions that are involved. 

RAiD can be used by HEIs, and funders and the information which is contained within the ID can be used to give a full picture of the impact and return on investment of the grant. 


So, How Does it Work?

A RAiD has two parts: The RAiD handle and the RAiD metadata envelope. 

The RAiD handle is a string of numbers that is minted via the RAiD API. It is persistent and unique.

The metadata envelope records time/date stamped PIDs for:

  • Funders

  • Organisations

  • Collaborators

  • Tools and Services

  • Data

​​RAiD is one of the Identifier Services owned and offered by the Australian Research Data Commons.