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Elevating your Online Profile as a Researcher

This guide is designed to highlight the various tools and services which you can use to be more visible as a researcher in the online environment.

Octopus Open Research Platform

Open Access Week 2023 - Octopus - Built for Researchers!

Launched on the 29th June 2022, Octopus is a new publishing platform which aims to be the primary research record. Encouraging open and transparent research, 'Octopus sets out to break down the barriers blocking access to research and change the incentives that drive research in the wrong directions.' (Jisc, 2022). 

Free to use and existing only to serve the needs of the research community, it is designed purely to incentivize the highest standards of research practice and culture. Using Octopus, researchers can read, review and register ideas and findings - freely and immediately publishing their work in full detail, and in an open and transparent way and gaining the credit for it! 

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