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Open Access


The University of Derby Online Research Archive (UDORA) is an Open Access, publicly accessible repository of University of Derby (UoD) research publications and other research outputs. It is how staff and students at the University can achieve the Green route to Open Access. 

An Open Access repository such as UDORA gives you the ability to disseminate material published in peer reviewed journals and academic books to a diverse and wide ranging audience. Material that may not be suitable for publication in a traditional journal, such as conference posters and presentations can also be deposited in UDORA. However, all material intended for submission must have undergone some form of peer review process to ensure that all outputs deposited in the repository, under the University of Derby name adheres to a high level of quality. The University has a take down policy which you can read below. 

Please be aware that from the 12th of July 2022, handle identifiers used in the previous version of UDORA, which could be shared to highlight your deposited work to others will no longer be active and should no longer be shared. These should be used to trace the provenance of a deposit, only:



Moving forward, please ensure that you use the permalink in the new repository to share your work. This is located at the bottom of the deposit that you have made in the public facing repository. 


Thank you!


If you are a research student and want to upload your thesis, then please contact the Student Research Office in the first instance. 

For further information please contact

How to submit to UDORA

UDORA training session