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Reading For Success

There’s no doubt about it, reading will help you to be a success!


  • improves your vocabulary and knowledge;
  • reduces your stress levels;
  • gives you things to talk about;
  • increases your concentration levels;
  • will improve your grades!

Use Reading For Success to keep track of what you’ve read.
The reading tasks are organised into five different categories, so you can choose what’s going to help you the most.

What is Reading For Success?

Reading For Success is a reading challenge that helps you to recognise when reading is helping you to be successful. Whether it's reading a website to find information for an assignment, or relaxing with a good novel, your reading will be helping you to improve a range of skills that will ensure your success.

It's also a competition*! The more you read, the more chance you have of winning. Visit the Reading For Success page to find out more. 

*Check the dates of the competition. Even if the competition has closed you can still take part, you won't be entered into the Prize Draw.

Reading For Success logo image description: three bookshelves showing the spines of several books. In the centre is an open book with 'R4S!' written on the pages. The book spines all have titles that explain how reading can help you to be successful, such as: 'Improve your grades!' and 'Become a better writer'.