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Allied Health & Social Care

Library guide for programmes within the school of Allied Health & Social Care

Accessing NHS eResources via Open Athens

If you are a student on an eligible programme you will have an Open Athens account created for you by your University Academic Librarian--Jill Boland--that will let you access eResources from the Core Collection for NHS England.  This will be in addition to--and different from--your University of Derby login.

It's important to remember that when you log in with your Open Athens account you won't be able to access any University of Derby eResources at the same time and vice versa. So when you plan your research you will need to factor the extra searching into your time management.

There will be journals that we subscribe to at the University that you cannot access through your Open Athens login; there will also be journals subscribed to in the NHS collection that you cannot access through your UDO login.

Click here to login with your Open Athens username and password

 More information about what's available through Open Athens can be found by clicking on the other tabs at the top of this page.


Problems? If you are having problems accessing the eLearning for Health resources then please look at the online support pages

If you are having problems accessing your Open Athens account, please email Library Enquiries for assistance (from your Unimail account) and remember to put Open Athens in the subject field of your email.

If you are a new student - and you are on an eligible programme -  your account won't be created as soon as you enrol - there is likely to be a 3-4 week wait while you settle in and are introduced to the University of Derby resources first.

Not got your account yet and think that you should have one by now? Send us an email with all the relevant information.

If you work in the NHS you should already have an OpenAthens account and will not need a second one. If you work in the NHS and don't currently have an account you can self-register.

It’s available to all healthcare students in England, so long as your programme includes practice and / or placement within an NHS provider service. You can have the account for the duration of your programme.

If you are on an apprenticeship programme where you also work within the NHS (so not placement blocks) then you can self-register for an Open Athens account. You may also get additional resources to the national content available as part of the HEI scheme. !!! Remember: put in your NHS work details not your student details when using the self-registration form.

This brief guide takes you through the process of linking your OpenAthens account to an e-Learning for Health account.

Please be aware that e-Learning for Health is not administered by the University and we cannot help you with any problems with accessing this service. You will need to use the online help material or contact them directly.

What can I get access to, via my NHS login?

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Sometimes, if you've been using University of Derby resources and then go on to use the NHS resources, the system may try to redirect you back to the University's databases and journals instead.

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If you've searched the NHS resources, have logged out and then tried to get into the University's resources but find that you're being redirected back to the NHS pages instead, you will need to:

Clear cookies from your browser

Close down all your browser windows

Open a new browser window and start afresh

This should remove the problem. You may find that using a completely different browser also helps e.g. Google Chrome or Firefox, for example.


Videos from NICE on searching HDAS

These videos have been created by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)

If you are an academic supporting students on eligible programmes at the University of Derby then you are also entitled to have an Open Athens account.

Please contact Jill Boland for more information.