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Independent Study

Introduction and Rationale of the Study

Introduction and rationale of the study

This should briefly outline your area of interest and what has led you to research your chosen area. The rationale section of the dissertation describes why a particular concept, concern or problem is important within the field you are researching. 

A well-constructed rationale demonstrates that you understand your chosen field of research, the competing perspectives that exist, and what you hope to gain by carrying out the research. 

At undergraduate level you will be illuminating your understanding and should be aware that whilst the research you undertake can make a positive contribution to the field (on a small scale) you will not be making a new contribution to knowledge which will improve an entire profession. 

A message from a former student:

"Your Independent Study research is a tremendous opportunity to pursue and discover new knowledge in the field of education. For me, producing a research project was so intellectually liberating, I was encouraged to be critical, critical , critical - and once you become an employee in any educational institution it all changes - you will never get that level of academic freedom again!"