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Independent Study

Research Methodology

Research Methodology 

There are three main areas you need to cover in this section, these subheadings may guide you:

Research Methodology

This section should briefly outline your research position; you should explain whether you intend to engage in quantitative or qualitative research, or a mixture. You need to demonstrate that you understand how these different methodological approaches inform your choice of method(s).


Quantitative Methodology (positivism): quantitative, experimental, scientific, factual, truth, reality, statistical analysis 

Qualitative Methodology (post-positivism): qualitative, interpretive, situational, understanding perceptions, seeks insight 

Mixed method: collaboration of the two methodological approaches above.


When considering your methodology you should remember the key question words:

  • Who - Who will I use as research participants?
  • What - What research stance am I taking?
  • Where - Where will the research be conducted?
  • When - When will I collect data?
  • How - How will I record the data?
  • Why - Why am I undertaking the research?


Research Methods

This section is used to justify and defend the choice of research methods employed during the study. You need to demonstrate that you understand that there are various options for conducting research and indicate why some possibilities have been rejected for your study. You need to show that your chosen method/methods are appropriate and suitable for your study.