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Independent Study

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

This is another 'key' section in the study. Your analysis of the data should relate the literature reviewed in your literature review. Restate the research question(s) or issue /aim and go on to show how your results relate to existing knowledge. You need to interweave selected quotes or other collected data with well organised editorial comment and insightful conceptual or theoretical insights. 

You should sub-categorise or theme this section so that each topic can be dealt with systematically. You are 'making sense' of the findings by considering their implications beyond the confines of your research. Ensure you bring your findings forward to demonstrate your interpretation, do not just write see figure 3 and expect your reader to flip back and forth and provide their own interpretation.

  • Compare your own findings with the findings you mentioned in your literature review.
  • Your main job is to give an unbiased view in this section of your analysis of the findings from your small scale research.
  • So do not try and present something you have not found, simply because it was what you wanted to find.
  • There should be reference to the aims and objectives of the research.