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Open Access Books

Green Open Access or Self Archiving

If you have published a book, book chapter or contributed to an edited collection in the traditional way, via a print book, many publishers will permit authors to deposit a copy of a chapter or part of the book that they have written or contributed to into an institutional repository under an embargo period. This is also known as the Green or self-archiving route to making your work Open Access (OA). At Derby, Green OA can be achieved using UDORA. See the UDORA tab of the OA LibGuide for further guidance. 


Any given publisher may have different terms and conditions concerning author self-archiving so it is important to consider this before choosing a publisher to disseminate your work, particularly if you are in receipt of funding. That said, it is your work and publisher contracts are negotiable. 


Examples of publisher self-archiving policies:

Bloomsbury Academic 

Edinburgh University Press

Routledge/ Taylor and Francis 

Which version can I upload?

This infographic depicts which which version of a manuscript is understood to be the Author Accepted Manuscript (AAM). Typically, when you publish a book chapter the publisher will permit the AAM to be deposited into a repository under an embargo period. Remember, if you are in receipt of funding from an external research funding organisation, there may be a requirement to make your book chapter open access with limitations on the length of the embargo period.