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Art and Media

Welcome to the Library help guide for Art and Media programmes

This is your guide to finding and using the best Library resources for Art and Media programmes. 

The side-navigation bar will direct you towards the resources and guidance for different types of research, such as finding and using bookseBooks, academic journal articles and more.

You will also find lists of the key resources the Library subscribes to for Art and Media as well as links for other useful websites outside of the Library.

The Referencing tab provides links to Cite Them Right, related videos and podcasts created by our Skills team and further information about using referencing software packages.

The link for Study Skills will take you to our Study Skills homepage, where you can find guides on academic writing, note taking, presentation skills and more.

And if you find you need help, just click the Help Me link to learn about the various ways you can contact us for more information and support.