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Bloomsbury Collections

Why might I need this database? 

The Bloomsbury Collections is primarily a collection is an extensive collection of e-books—over 18,000—that cover a wide range of different disciplines and subject specialities.

What subjects does it include?

Topics related to English include:

  • Art & Visual Culture
  • Linguistics
  • Literary Studies
  • Philosophy

How do I access the Bloomsbury Collections?

You can access it from the Databases list on the Library homepage. Just search under 'B', and you will find it. Alternatively, you can follow the highlighted link here.

How does it relate to Library Search?

The Bloomsbury Collections does provide its e-book content to Library Search. This means that if you search Library Search, then you should 'theoretically' be searching the Bloomsbury content. But, you might want to search the database separately, too, as you will have greater control of the search functionality. The key message, though, is make sure you're thinking about the Bloomsbury Collections when doing research.