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Welcome to the Library help guide for Education

This is your guide to finding and using the best Library resources for Education programmes. 

The side-navigation bar guides you through the process of finding and using research in your assessments.

Study Skills and Video Tutorials: These tabs explore the study skills that you need to succeed at university. They also introduce the contexts of research.

Key Databases: This tab introduces the databases that you need to use to find research—books, e-books, journal articles—for your essays, assignments, or theses.

School Practice: Some students may wish to borrow books to use in their placements. This collection offers many different books to support your classes' learning.

Referencing: This tab explains why referencing is a fundamental of academic research, and it guides you to appropriate resources to help you reference effectively.

FAQs and Help Me: Finally, these tabs aim to answer common questions you may have about the Library and its services.