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Help your Library grow its book collection - suggest a book for purchase!

Is there a particular book we don't have in stock that you feel would be a useful addition to the collection - not just for you, but for fellow students as well?  We can't guarantee we'll always get what you request but we will consider every title put through.

If you would like to request a book to be purchased by the Library fill out the form on the Books For You page and we'll take it from there!

Don't keep us guessing - let us know!

Library Guide for Education

This guide will introduce you to finding and using the key sources of information for Education programmes and will help you get the most from the Library resources provided to support your studies

Find print and electronic books, search for articles online, see the best websites and get lots of hints and tips from our regular workshops and Library Clinics

 We welcome your comments about this guide as they will help us to improve our service to you

 A few key points about booking a library space and using the library as we open our physical libraries in a safe and controlled way

To keep updated with all the very latest information about Library opening and services see our  Reopening our Libraries page

Enhance Your Learning Workshops & Academic Librarian Clinics

Subject Guide

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Jane Keeling (Education, Humanities & Journalism)
Tel. 01332 591282

Room L103

My Hours
Monday - Thursday 9.00-5.00
Friday is a non-working day

To help you in your studies there are Workshops and Library Clinics that you can attend.

You will need to register for these events and, for the clinics, you will need to come prepared with a question or topic that you're having difficulty with.

Click on the Bookings tab in the banner at the top of the page to see what's available