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Search strategies and techniques - Skills Guide

Searching for information

What are search strategies?

Using a selection of good information sources is the foundation of learning a subject, critically engaging with it and producing good assignments. Very often though, we struggle to find and identify 'good' sources of information, relevant to our needs. This is where developing effective skills in searching effectively come in. In this guide you will learn a range of strategies and techniques for effectively searching for information online, whether it is in a Library database or search system (such as Library Plus) or a search engine online (such as Google).

Why do I need to learn to search effectively?

If you learn to form search strategies and adopt effective techniques, the results you find will be more concise, but more relevant to your topic. This will save you time and enable you to focus on information of real value to your studies and research.

How do I do it?

Use the tabs across the top of the page to learn different ways to plan, organise, execute and refine your searches.