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Your Library is Changing

Full steam ahead for new Library systems!

We are pleased to share the exciting news that we are changing some of our systems later this year. We plan to move to the new systems in summer and behind the scenes we are busily working away to get ready for this.

The Library is at the heart of University provision as an Academic Library of Excellence, a physical and digital destination for knowledge acquisition, curation, and creation. We are therefore ensuring the digital experience is future-fit.

Digitised Content Store

We have gone live with one new system!  Our digitisation request system (a request to digitise an extract from a book or journal, for example, a chapter or article) went live on 25 April.  If you're a member of staff the ability to request a digitisation is now on the main reading list home page (the functionality will reappear on individual reading lists in September).  For students the only change will be how you view the digitisations - instead of them opening on 'Talis Reader' they will instead open on 'Kortext Reader'.  Take a look at some guidance on how to access the PDFs.

Want to find out more?

We will update this page with more information when we get a little closer to the go live dates – but you can read a bit more below if you’re interested now.

  • Library Management System (LMS) – This system is crucial to the Library and allows us to order new books and journals as well as holding details of all the Library collection.
  • Discovery – These are the interfaces used to search our collection (currently we have a 'Catalogue' and 'Library Plus').
  • Reading List Management Solution (RLMS) – This system holds all of the reading lists and allows staff to add new items and students to then view the items.
  • Digitised Content – This system allows us to digitise print resources which then appear on reading lists.

The new LMS and discovery systems go live on 26 July. The new RLMS will go live on 5 September. The date for our new digitised content system was 25 April.

The headline benefits include…

  • Only 1 entry point for Discovery – no longer will you have a separate Catalogue and Discovery solution (Library Plus).
  • You will be using your usual student or staff login details to access your Account area instead of the ‘P number’.
  • An integrated solution between all our systems meaning an improved user experience

Any questions?

Please contact us at