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Literature Reviews: systematic searching at various levels

This guide briefly looks at some of the different types of reviews to help you determine what kind of review you actually need to do and where to start

Search strategy and searching

For more information about searching and search techniques, please see the Finding Journals and Journal Articles LibGuide. You can also find information in the Help section of most of the databases that we have access to.

The examples of searching on this guide are for Library Search. If you're doing a dissertation or postgraduate level work then Library Search may not be the best resource for you to use. If you're studying certain programmes you need to understand that Library Search doesn't index all of our databases which means, for example, that if you're studying a mental health topic and you use Library Search, it won't include results from the key mental health database PsycInfo so you're not going to get a full picture of the available articles out there on your topic.