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Art and Media

Key Subject Resources for Fine Art

The tabs in this box identify the key subject resources (databases) for Fine Art, separated out by Journals, eBooks and Media.  

Whilst Library Search is a good starting point to search, you may be overwhelmed by the number of results and may find you get more relevant results by searching on the databases which have an emphasis on Arts content.  The databases identified on each tab aren't the only Arts databases; you can find a full list on the tab labelled All Arts Databases if you would like to explore further.

You will be able to read many of the articles you find from these databases, in full text online, or download a PDF copy to keep.  On some sites you may see just the 'Abstract' or description of the article; in these cases, if we do not have a subscription to the relevant journal, you may be able to get the full article through our Inter Library loan service.

Ebook Central, Ebsco and VLE are our major eBook suppliers and have content across a broad spectrum of disciplines; not just Art.

In addition to the key databases identified in the tabs on this page, you can search across a broader range of Arts databases.  You can see the full list from the drop down box above.

Britannia Mill Library holds the Special Collection for Art, which includes rare books, a selection of Artists' Books (where the book is the art), and items with interesting bindings. The oldest book in the Collection is a Herbal dating from 1633. You can find them in the cabinets opposite the self issue machines and everything is also listed on Library Search.

You can ask to use any of the books in this collection as reference only.  Just ask, and staff will get them from the cabinets for you.

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