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Finding Images and Video

Using subscription databases to locate images

The University subscribes to a number of databases from image providers which allow you to view, save and download both images and video.  These are only available to staff and students at the University and are all copyright cleared for you to use in your academic work. 

You can download and save images for use in assignments, Powerpoint presentations etc.  However, our licence agreements with these providers generally prohibits the use and display of the images outside the University.  For example, you might be able to use the images on a poster for an assessed piece of work but you wouldn't be able to display that poster where members of the public could view it.  The images cannot be re-used on web pages that are open access but can be used in Course Resources where access is limited by passwords.  If you need to use the images in any way which is outside our licence you can contact the original providers to see if permission can be given for that particular use.

It is always good practice to check the Terms and Conditions of each provider to ensure that you are using the images in accordance with our licence agreement with the individual services.