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Using EndNote

Can I use EndNote with Google Docs?

Yes, it is possible to use EndNote with Google Docs. This web page gives an over view of how Cite While You Write is integrated with Google Docs. NB: you will need to use EndNote Online for this to work.


Can I use OSCOLA with EndNote?

OSCOLA stands for Oxford Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities. It is the preferred referencing style for all UK law schools.

OSCOLA uses the footnoting system of referencing, i.e. it does not use in-text citations like Harvard -  (Smith 2009), for example - but uses a number in superscript that corresponds to a footnote at the bottom of the page and a bibliography at the end of the work.

There is more information on Harvard referencing under the 'Referencing' tab of this guide. You can also download the full OSCOLA guide for free from the OSCOLA website. The University also subscribes to an excellent online referencing tool called Cite Them Right, although it does not have as many examples for OSCOLA as for Harvard.


Does LaTeX software work with EndNote?

Unfortunately EndNote does not interact very well with LaTeX. You might find that Mendeley is a friendlier referencing software system to use with LaTeX. Royal Holloway University have a helpful guide on how to do this


How do I set up 'Find full text' with EndNote?

In order for Endnote to search for full text, you need to do the following:

Edit >> Preferences >> Find Full Text

You then need to enter the following:

Open URL Path: