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Our Framework

Our Framework

The University of Derby Library Information Literacy Framework is based on the SCONUL 7 Pillars for Information Literacy model. This model has been used as the basis of many universities' information literacy frameworks and has facilitated the development of students' information skills and aided librarians in session content and delivery. We have adapted it to meet the needs of students and researchers at our university and, rather than incorporating all 7 pillars, have outlined 5 key pillars. These incorporate definitions which cover the core skills and competencies that students need to develop to become information literate individuals and achieve academically.   

The 5 pillars include skills and competencies as follows: 

  • Prepare (Identifies a need for information, the nature and extent of that information and potential sources of information) 

  • Discover (Finds the needed information effectively and efficiently) 

  • Question (Evaluates both the information retrieved and the process used to retrieve it) 

  • Manage (Uses the collected information in a meaningful and efficient way) 

  • Communicate (Applies and communicates the information to others in appropriate ways) 

The framework is arranged into the following 5 levels: 

  • Beginner  

  • Novice 

  • Intermediate 

  • Advanced 

  • Expert

Although some skills and understandings are listed only at one level, it is recognised that these should continue to be practised and progressed throughout and across the student’s programme of study.

It is also important to note that the framework is just one aspect of the overall skills and attributes that students should develop during their academic journey. For example, students will be developing digital and media literacy skills.  Therefore, the framework should be viewed and used in conjunction with other university skills frameworks and performance indicators including: 

You can use the menu on the left side to explore each pillar in more detail including what skills and competencies students are expected to develop at each level.  

A complete copy of the framework can be downloaded from the full framework section