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eTextbook Pilot

Information for Academic staff

The Library has partnered with Kortext to offer all level four students access to two core eTextbooks per module. The scheme will launch in January and will run until July 2022.

In order to ensure the right titles are chosen for your students the Library needs your support to select the titles you believe are the core reading. The best candidates are the titles that are referenced repeatedly throughout the course.

Please watch the short video below for a quick introduction to the eTextbook pilot and what it can offer you.

Selecting the titles

Visit your Reading List and search for the title you would like to select to be part of the pilot and set 'Core' as the importance level for that item.

For more information and a video tutorial of how to select your title via your Reading List, please look at our 'Tutorial: How to select your titles' from the heading below.


eTextbooks are a digital version of the core textbooks that students are required to read and reference throughout their course. They are the central texts that will provide the foundation of student learning for the module.

What is the difference is between an eBook and an eTextbook? This is determined by the publisher, as they tend to regard eTextbooks as high value reading materials and often don't provide access to Academic Libraries through our usual aggregators, or if they do, can often be too expensive for the Library to purchase.

Thanks to the eTextbook scheme however, these high value titles are now available to us through the Kortext platform. This platform also offers enhanced learning and accessibility tools for students, and access to learning analytics for teaching staff.



There are many benefits to this scheme:


  • This service provides free access to a students most important texts in a digital format. This means no student is disadvantaged or disappointed because they can't afford a text or a print copy is unavailable in the Library.

  • These texts are made available in an accessible format to support students with visual or learning disabilities. The Kortext platform also offers enhanced learning tools such as note taking, highlighting, dynamic page layouts and customisable fonts and backgrounds.

  • Each student is provided with their own personal copy for the duration of the pilot and can be accessed online or downloaded and read offline. Each title the student accesses is added to their personal bookshelf so they can dip in and out of their texts across multiple modules.

  • These texts will be integrated into your Reading List and Course Resources pages to allow easy and direct access to their titles, or they can be accessed via the Kortext app. These texts can also be incorporated within MS Teams to allow academics to use the texts in live demonstrations and make annotations within a virtual session

  • The Kortext analytics dashboard provides access to a detailed understanding of the student learning journey. You will be able to see which students are engaging with their set reading, see common search patterns and ascertain if a student is struggling to engage with material. All of this can be used to intervene and provide extra support to students who may be struggling or falling behind. Check out the video below to learn more




Watch the video below to learn more about the Kortext platform

Begin by logging into reading lists and searching for your module. Find the two titles you would like to have as an eTextbook. You will now need to set the importance by clicking on the drop down menu next to the title and selecting 'Core'. Remember to click 'publish' in order to save your changes. The Library will do the rest.

Watch the video below for a step by step guide to selecting your title.