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Meeting the Marking Criteria - Skills Guide

Writing for University

What is meeting the marking criteria?

All of your assessments will be marked according to a set of criteria.  These tell you what you need to do in order to achieve the mark that you want.  There will also be information provided to you about the assessment itself, sometimes called an assignment brief.  This might provide instructions about the assessment for example word count, structure or format.

Why do I need to meet the marking criteria?

How well you meet the marking criteria will directly influence the mark that you receive for your assessment.

How can I learn how to meet the marking criteria?

This guide contains two sections, Understanding the Question and Proofreading. Both are really important to help you meet the marking criteria.  Understanding the question before you begin will make sure that you get off to the right start. It should ensure that the work that you do is focused and relevant.  Proofreading your assessment is much more than checking the spelling and grammar, when used effectively proofreading is a really good way to check that you have answered the question and met the marking criteria.