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Enterprise and Networking - Podcast episode

Enterprise and Networking

Enterprise skills are a set of skills that help you to create things, spot gaps and opportunities, and build a network. These enterprise skills are highly sought after by employers and are really useful for students looking to start their own business and those looking to work on new and exciting projects. 

In this podcast I spoke to Oliver Stonier, who is the University of Derby Enterprise Manager. Oliver has a history in enterprise and now supports students wanting to start their own business through the Be the Boss programme.

The Be the Boss programme is an award winning programme to give students and graduates enterprise skills and support. The programme works through a combination of action planning, one to one support provided by experienced business advisers, a series of workshops and other activities.

You already have enterprise skills. The key is to practice and reflect on these skills to improve them. Be critical and spot opportunities to create an idea. Be creative in making that idea stand out. Be persuasive to get others to back the idea and be bold to pursue that idea and use your problem solving skills and network to make that idea work. 

Oliver explained that if an idea fails, that does not mean that you have wasted your time. Often from an idea failing, you will have more ideas and will have developed your skills. Even where an idea does work, it will often develop and change over time. So don't being afraid of seeing where your idea takes you. 

Oliver believes that networking is the most important enterprise skill. We discussed the power of social media in networking and getting your messages and successes out there. Both Oliver and I use LinkedIn to connect to others, gain sector knowledge and to find and take opportunities. If you are not on LinkedIn consider making an account and connect with the students and professionals that you meet. Oliver suggested adding everyone that you meet on LinkedIn, regardless of their position in a company.