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Welcome to your university library

This guide contains some Library related information that will be most useful in the first couple of weeks of your very first semester. Returning students may also find this useful as a refresher.

Who's my Academic Librarian?

Each college has at least one academic librarian looking after the students and staff within it. They create and update college department guides that contain useful and relevant information for different stages of your study, so when you look at your department's subject guide you'll see a tab about them there.

They also deliver online  Database Focus sessions which look at databases which are specifically useful for your subject area and these can range from introductory sessions up to advanced or expert.

If you are a level 6 (third year undergraduate) student or above then you also have the opportunity to request an appointment with your academic librarian but you must have engaged with the Library's Develop@Derby (EYL) workshops first, so that your questions can focus on what is not covered in those sessions.

They can show you how to use subject specialist resources for your discipline, give you advice on referencing and reference managers, and a lot more. For some questions, they may refer you on to a colleague or back to your academic, but there are no stupid questions - if you don't know something, you don't know it - so it's absolutely fine to ask!.

To contact your librarian, email the Academic Librarian Team and put your librarian's name in the subject line of the email.


picture of Caroline BallCaroline Ball is the Academic Librarian for the College of Business, Law and Social Sciences. This includes programmes across

  • Law
  • Criminology
  • Policing
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Politics
  • Sociology.

Jill Boland is the Academic Librarian for the College of Health, Psychology, & Social Care and within this College are the programmes associated with:

Nursing & Midwifery - includes  nursing (inc., apprentices and 3rd year top-up); midwifery; non-medical prescribing, and more

Allied Health & Social Care - includes occupational therapy, hand therapy, diagnostic radiography, medical ultrasound, social work, working with young people, operating department practice, and more

Psychology - includes psychology, forensic psychology, counselling & psychotherapy, integrative counselling psychotherapy, counselling, and more

Photo of Hazel RoomeHazel Roome is the Academic Librarian for the School of Science and the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences which includes:

  • Acoustics, Noise Control, Environmental Management and Health
  • Biomedical Health/Science  
  • Biology & Zoology
  • Human Biology 
  • Forensic Science 
  • Environmental Sustainability 

Sally Forrest is the Academic Librarian for the School of Arts, the School of  Engineering and for the School of Computing.  This includes programmes across:

    Arts and Media


   Music and performing Arts

   Therapeutic Arts

   Engineering, Computing, Maths 

   Architecture and Built Environment

Steven BembridgeSteven Bembridge is the academic librarian for Humanities, Journalism and Education, which includes:

  • History
  • English
  • Journalism
  • Education