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Welcome to your university library

This guide contains some Library related information that will be most useful in the first couple of weeks of your very first semester. Returning students may also find this useful as a refresher.

Material to help with using our library resources

This is a playlist of a series of videos looking at our Library Search system.

There are captions and an accompanying transcript on each video.

Although there is no voiceover for this video there is a background music track so, if you find that sort of thing annoying or focus-breaking, remember to mute your speakers while the video is on.

Library Search will include the content of many of our databases but not, unfortunately, all of them. So you may find, even as a first year student, that you still need to search some of the individual databases as well as Library Search, just to make sure you don't miss some key papers.

Below you will find links to a Word and a PDF document listing those databases which are searched when you use Library Search, and also which databases are not searched so you may need to look at them separately.

For details on what subjects those databases cover, you can look them up in our Databases A-Z list.

BrowZine is a tool which allows you to browse across a range of subjects to discover eJournals which you may not be familiar with.  You can use it to:

  • Browse by subject. You can start with a broad discipline area and narrow it down to a very specific subject.
  • Search for individual journals by title. You might do this to check if we have a subscription to a title you are interested in.
  • Add journals to your own 'Bookshelf'. You might do this so that you can go back regularly to check the latest issue and new articles which have been added.
  • Add journal articles to a 'My articles' area, so that you can go back to read them at a later date.
  • Download the BrowZine app for use on mobile devices.

You can access BrowZine and watch a help video from the links below.  You can also access Browzine via the Journals tile on the library homepage.

The link will take you to a selection for Arts and Humanities but you can browse any subject area  you choose by selecting the option to change subject.

The link to Browzine below will initially show you Arts & Humanities journals but you will be able to select your discipline / subject area once you're in Browzine itsel.