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Welcome to your university library

This guide contains some Library related information that will be most useful in the first couple of weeks of your very first semester. As there are some changes to the Library in 2022, returning students may also find this of use.

Selection of browser add-ons

There are a range of free add-ons that you can attach to your browser to make the search process, and finding full text results, a little easier. More items may be added as they become available and we've had a chance to assess their usefulness.


Click here to see the recommended add-ons


LibKey Nomad

There is also a plug-in available to use alongside BrowZine that automatically provide links to full-text content of journal articles where the Library has a subscription to the particular journal. This can be used anywhere on the internet.

It's called LibKey Nomad, and...(Click here for more) can install it for a variety of browsers here - You just need to install the plug-in and then select 'University of Derby'

Once this is done, whenever you come across a journal article when browsing the internet or searching Google, LibKey Nomad will inform you if the article is available through our library's subscriptions, or if there is an open access copy available. You will see a 'Download PDF' alert at the bottom of the page, as seen in the image below.

You can then click on the banner and it will take you to the full text of the article (if you're not logged in to the University's systems, it will ask you to do that first before re-directing you to the full text).

Obviously to get full access, it is always best to go via our resources, but this does mean you can still access those resources we pay for from whenever you are on the internet.



Unpaywall is a free plugin for Chrome and Firefox that will search for an Open Access version (i.e. freely available) of a paywalled publication.

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