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Published Books by Staff and Researchers at the University of Derby


The University of Derby has an active and inspiring research community. Each year many books are published by staff and researchers at the university. The library is proud to be able to provide access to these books so that the whole university can benefit from the work of our wonderful research community.

On this page you can see the books by University of Derby staff and researchers which have most recently been added to the library collection.

Students and staff can browse a reading list of books written to and contributed to by members of the University of Derby. The list includes books available to read as e-books and print books.

Please note: this guide focuses on books. If you would like to see other academic research by staff and researchers at the university, including journal articles please see UDORA.

New E-Book Titles: Click on the title for access

The Oxford Handbook of Career Development

Co-edited by Tristram Hooley, Professor of Career Education and including contributions from Dr Siobhan Neary, Head of the International Centre for Guidance Studies, and Tom Staunton, Lecturer in Career Development. (Publication date: August 2021).

Erasmus Darwin's Gardens: Medicine, Agriculture and the Sciences in the Eighteenth Century

Written by Paul Elliott, Professor of Modern History at the University. (Publication date: June 2021)

African Handbook of Climate Change Adaptation

This Open Access book includes a chapter by Dr Sian Davies-Vollum, Head of the School of Built and Natural Environment and Daniel Koomson, PhD researcher in climate and environmental change. (Publication date: June 2021)

Art, Borders and Belonging

Co-edited and including a chapter written by Dr Maria Photiou. (Publication date: May 2021)


Co-authored by Dr Yoon Irons, Health and Social Care Research Centre. (Publication date: March 2021)

Blasphemy and Politics in Romantic Literature: Creativity in the Writing of Percy Bysshe Shelley

Written by Dr Paul Whickman, College of Arts, Humanities and Education. (Publication date: June 2020)

The Institutionalisation of Evaluation in Europe

Includes a chapter by Dr Tracey Wond, College of Business, Law and Social Sciences. (Publication date: April 2020)

The Routledge International Encyclopedia of Sport and Exercise Psychology Vol II

Includes a chapter co-written by Dr Andy Pringle, College of Science and Engineering. (Publication date: April 2020)

Exploring Political Legacies

Co-authored by Prof Stephen Farrall, College of Business, Law and Social Sciences. (Publication date: March 2020)

Deep Learning-Based Approaches for Sentiment Analysis

Includes a chapter which was co-written by Dr Tariq Abdullah, College of Science and Engineering. (Publication date: March 2020)

Leading Continuous Improvement Projects

Co-authored by Professor Jose Arturo Garza-Reyes, College of Business, Law and Social Sciences. (Publication date: February 2020)

The Routledge Companion to Health Humanities

Includes a chapter written by Prof Susan Hogan, College of Health, Psychology and Social Care. (Publication date: February 2020)

New Print Book Titles: Click on the title for access

Ethics in Computing, Science and Engineering: A Student's Guide to Doing Things Right

Written by Dr Barry Blundell, University of Derby Online Learning. (Publication date: February 2020)

The Jews, the Holocaust, and the Public: The Legacies of David Cesarani

Co-edited and including two chapters authored by Dr Larissa Allwork, Researcher in Impact at the university. (Publication date: December 2019)