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Book Publications from the University of Derby


April 2023

Paul Gilbert, Professor of Clinical Psychology at the university has published a new book chapter. Featuring in Springer's 'Handbook of Self-Compassion' the chapter will soon be available to read through Library Search. 


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Book Publications by University of Derby Staff

Each year many books are written, edited, and contributed to by staff at the University of Derby.

Please note, this guide focuses on books. If you would like to see other academic research by staff and researchers at the university, including journal articles please see our online repository UDORA.

New to the library collection - Click on the title for access

Border Urbanism

Includes a chapter co-authored by Paula McCloskey, researcher and lecturer in fine art. (Publication date: April 2023)

Macedonia's Long Transition

Co-edited by Robert Hudson, Emeritus Professor of European History and Cultural Politics. (Publication date: April 2023)

Overcoming the Exploitation of Passion in Videogame Labor

Written by Joshua Jackson, Lecturer in Computer Games Modelling and Animation. (Publication date: February 2023)

Rapid Innovation and Development in the Global Cannabis Market

Includes a chapter co-written by Sammar Javed, Lecturer in Business and Management. (Publication date: Jan 2023)

Police Procedure and Evidence in the Criminal Justice System

Co-authored by Barrie Archer, Lecturer in Policing at the University of Derby. (Publication date: January 2023)

Painting, Photography, and the Digital: Crossing the Borders of the Mediums

Edited by Carl Robinson, artist and Senior Lecturer at the University of Derby. (Publication date: October 2022)

Smart Clothes and Wearable Technology, 2nd ed.

Co-edited by David Bryson, Senior Lecturer in Forensic Anthropology and Photography. (Publication date: August 2022)

The Greatest Policeman? A Biography of Capt Athelstan Popkess

Written by Tom Andrews, Lecturer in Policing at the University of Derby. (Publication date: May 2021)

Civic Collection

The University of Derby's Civic Collection of books showcases books which have been written and edited by university staff members. There are copies of the books available for teaching and research. There are also copies of the books available to share and/or display at events, induction sessions, or wherever they would be of interest to our academic and wider community. Please contact the Research Support Librarian for further information -[at]