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Certification training

Almost all law firms now demand that their trainees are able to demonstrate their competence in legal research, knowing how to confidentally navigate both online and print information sources.

Both Lexis and Westlaw offer a certification scheme that provides guidance and training on the use of their online databases. Upon completion of the training and subsequent test, you will be provided by a certificate that testifies that you have completed the test and can demonstrate your abilities to use the database to search for legal information. This is an industry-recognised certificate and you can add details of it to your CV to demonstrate to potential employers your skills in legal research.

Westlaw offers a Basic and an Advanced Certificate.

The Basic Certificate provides an introduction to the use of Westlaw, including effective search techniques, refining your results, and understanding the status icons that demonstrate whether your results are 'good law' or not.

You must complete the Basic Certificate before you can progress to the Advanced. The Advanced Certirficate includes the use of Boolean search connectors (AND, OR and NOT), Judicial consideration of case law, legislation amendments and modifications, and the EU.

Click here to access Westlaw's online Certificate webpage.


Lexis offers Basic and Advanced Certificates covering either the law of England and Wales or the law of Scotland. You can take the Basic and Advanced Certificates in both areas of law.

The test contains 15 questions on UK and EU cases and legislation, as well as specific use of Lexis such as search connectors and truncators and refining your results. You have 1 hour to complete the test, although it is unlikely you will take this long, and you must get 13 out of 15 questions correct to pass.

You may retake the tests as many times as you wish.

Click here to access Lexis' online Certification webpage.