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Blackboard and Digital Learning


Turnitin is an originality checking and plagiarism prevention service that checks your work for citation mistakes or inappropriate copying. When you submit your paper, Turnitin compares it to text in its extensive database of student work, websites, books, articles, etc. 

At the University of Derby, Turnitin is integrated into Blackboard so you will access Turnitin via our online submission tool within your module in Blackboard.

File size, format, and name of your submission

Before submitting your work, please note:

  • Files must be less than 100MB.

  • Files must have at least 20 words of text.  

  • The maximum paper length is 800 pages.  

  • File types allowed: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, PostScript, PDF, HTML, RTF, OpenOffice (ODT), Hangul (HWP) and Google Docs. Plain text PDFs must be in a format where the text is selectable in order to generate a similarity report.  

  • You may be able to upload files of other types if your tutor has allowed, but these files will not have a similarity report generated.  

  • The filename of your submission should not include your name. 


The University’s Anonymous Marking policy states that, unless otherwise told by your tutor:  

  • You should only include your Student ID number in any submission you make in Turnitin.  
  • The filename of your submission should not include your name. 

How to find your assignment

In general, assignment submissions for written work should be located in your module in Blackboard, in the Assessment area.  


1. Log in to Blackboard and navigate to your module.  


2. Find the submission point. This should be in the Assessment area.  


3. Find the assignment and click on the link 


4. The Turnitin assignment area will open. 

Click on the question mark icon Question Mark Icon , next to the assignment name, for extra information about the assignment (dues date, instructions, etc). If a rubric had been allocated to the assignment, you can click on the Rubric Icon Rubric Icon, a grid image under GradeMark rubric, to see how your work is going to be marked. 

How to submit your work

1. When ready, select Upload Submission

Upload Submission Button


Add a submission title for your file. Then select the type of submission you want to make: 

  • Upload Submission: to upload a file from your computer, click the Choose file to locate and select the file you want to upload.   
  • Text Input: allows you to type your submission directly into the submission (not recommended).
  • Cloud Submission: to upload a file saved in your cloud storage, click on Cloud Submission then the cloud service where your file is stored.  (You may need to enter your username and password to allow access to your cloud storage.) 

In accordance with the anonymous marking policy, the Submission Title must be your student number. 



2. Once you have entered or uploaded your work click upload and review 

Upload and Review screen

Please ensure that your submission filename does not contain your name.



3. Review the file you are about to submit, if the submission is correct click Submit to Turnitin: If you selected the wrong file, click Cancel Submission, and try again.  



4. Wait until submission is confirmed.  A message will appear on the screen saying the submission is complete.

The window will close automatically, and you can now view details of the submission. 

Further Information on Submitting your Work

How to download your digital receipt

The digital receipt is proof of your submission. Click the download digital receipt icon, located on the far right of the submission, and save a copy.


Download Digital Receipt

How to resubmit a file

You may be able to upload a new version and overwrite a previous submission. To do this, click on the resubmit button, an image of an arrow pointing upwards and located on the right of the submission, and go through the upload process again.  


Resubmit Icon

How to view your grade and feedback

Once the post date has passed, you will be able to view the feedback.  

Click on your submission document title. This will open the feedback screen.  



From the feedback screen (feedback studio), you might have to click on the feedback section , a comment bubble on the right of the feedback, to view your feedback.

Application, icon

Description automatically generated

The feedback would appear in the blue right-hand side section of the feedback window which could include text comments, voice comments and a rubric. 
You may also have feedback directly on your submission, which will appear as text inserted or a comment bubble icon (click a bubble comment to view the comment). To view this feedback click on each bubble icon.


Feedback Studio Screen

 Remember that your grade is provisional and subject to change during the moderation process.  


Further Guidance on Viewing your Feedback

How to view your similarity report

Your tutor may allow you to see the similarity report. The similarity report is a plagiarism checker. Don’t worry if you have more than 0% as it’s likely that things like references and quotes are also being checked.  

If your tutor has allowed you to view the Originality Report for the assignment, the Similarity index will be displayed as a number in the similarity red bar, located on the right-hand side of your submission, just below the main feedback comment bubble.

Click on it to open and view the full similarity report.  

Similarity Screen


Further Guidance on Viewing your Feedback

Video guide

In this video you will see:
  • How to submit to a Turnitin LTI submission point. (0:00)
  • How do download a digital receipt (2:55)
  • How to view your similarity score before the deadline (3:10)
  • How to access your feedback after it has been marked (4:35)