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Getting the most from Subject Databases

Supporting materials

What's this guide for?

The Library online resources (sometimes called eResources) include a wide range of online databases.  Some of these are subject specific whilst some are multi-disciplinary or cover specific types of resources such as media, eBooks or archival materials.

We have produced this guide to help you get the most from these online databases in a range of ways.

  • Each semester, the Academic Librarian team deliver online Database Focus sessions which are delivered through the Workshops calendar of eventsThese tend to include tutorials using annotated PowerPoint slides with screen shots, along with the live presentation of how a database works.  All these sessions are recorded.
  • In addition the Academic Librarian team have produced more 'polished' versions of video guides for databases where we may not have yet run a database Focus workshop.
  • Many of the database providers produce their own video tutorials as introductions to the resource.

This guide includes a mix of PowerPoints, documents (Word / PDF), videos, and so on from these various sources listed above.

It is a work in progress so you won't find every section populated with material straight away and we will add new materials as they become available.

To access the content click on, or hover your mouse over, the College or department name in the left-hand sidebar. You should then see a list of database names that you can choose from to see the supporting materials.  Some databases may appear in more than one College or Department as the resources may be relevant to many subject areas.

We hope that you find this guide useful; feel free to give feedback if you have any comments on the guide or the content.

- Academic Librarian Team

Last update: 31/03/2023